You can use this form to request keeping a pet in your building

What is the name of your Body Corporate: e.g. 'Seaview Towers'

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Tenants will need to provide an email or letter from the Owner, or their Rental Agency, indicating tenants are permitted to keep the pet described on the Lot.

Please describe your pet e.g. Type - cat/dog Breed, Size, Weight, Disposition etc.:

Anything else you want to tell us:

We may require some photos of your pet - please wait for our response requesting those before sending them.

Common conditions Bodies Corporate may impose on the keeping of animals include:
• The animal is not allowed on the common property, except for the purpose of being taken in or out of the scheme land.
• The animal must be on a lead or adequately restrained while on common property.
• The animal must be regularly treated for fleas.
• The animal must not cause nuisance or interfere unreasonably with any person’s use or enjoyment of another lot or common property.
• The animal be kept in good health and free from fleas and parasites.
• Any animal waste must be disposed of in such a way that it does not create noxious odours or otherwise contaminate the Scheme.
• Reasonable steps must be taken to minimise the transfer of airborne allergens from the animal, such as regular vacuuming and/or grooming.
• The committee can withdraw approval for the animal to remain on the scheme if the specified conditions are not complied with.
• The approval only applies to the animal in the application and does not allow the keeping of any additional replacement or substitute animals on the Lot.

If your request is approved, the actual conditions of the approval will be included in the approval notice sent to you.
If you do not comply with the conditions imposed by the Committee or written in the By-Laws, the Committee may withdraw approval for your animal and ask you to remove the animal from the property.