You can order and pay for a Disclosure Statement or Information Certificate here

Are you wanting a 'Disclosure Statement' or an 'Information Certificate'?:
Information Certificate       Disclosure Statement
An Information Certificate (in accordance with Sect 205 of the BCCM Act) costs $65.35 (GST not applicable). The Insurance Certificate of Currency (COC) will be supplied at no additional cost.
A Disclosure Statement (in accordance with Sect 206 of the BCCM Act) costs $180.00 (GST inclusive)
A Disclosure Statement will be accompanied by details on the insurance policies, and copies of any pool fence certificates if applicable.

Fees as updated and applicable from 1st July 2019

Do you want the document urgently?:
Yes(within 24 hours)       No(within 7 days)
The additional cost of supplying within 24 hours is $24.55

How will you be making the payment?:
by Credit Card on-line       by Direct Deposit into Park Avenue Strata bank account
If you choose by Credit Card on-line you will be directed to the secure processing page of PayPal(Australia).
To provide a high level of security, all purchases are processed through PayPal, the global leader in online payments.
If you choose payment by Direct Deposit you will be provided with the bank account details to enable you to make the payment over-the-counter at your bank, or on-line by way of your bank's netbank facility.

The name of the Building/Body Corporate: e.g. 'Seaview Apartments'

The Lot number involved:

The name of the registered Owner of that Lot:

Your name:

Your phone number: preferably a mobile

Your e-mail address:The Certificate and any attachments will be e-mailed - we do not post documents.

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